10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally – 2020

10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally

10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally – What do you do when your hair starts to dry like dry straw? While it is a good idea to go to an expensive salon quickly in such a situation of hair, but the truth is that you always have to handle such hair condition yourself, it is very expensive to take care and maintenance of the salon every time.

So why not do something at home so that the hair remains good and healthy. First, find out the reason for your hair deterioration.

In some recent studies, it has been found that men have hair loss due to some common reasons like – lack of proper food, vitamin deficiency, genetic causes, excessive stress and anxiety, long-lasting disease eg, typhoid, Anemia, dysentery, and jaundice, etc. or lack of proper blood circulation in the body and you always wonder that how to control hair loss.

Once you know the cause of your problem, it can be easily fixed. When frustrated, natural products or natural remedies always work. Do not use chemical products more, the benefits are less, and losses are greater due to their use.

    Who does not like beautiful, strong, and thick hair. There are several ways you should try to eliminate problems associated with your hair and bring shine to your hair. But if you are not getting the right result then you need to pay attention to diet.

    Many times the hair starts weakening due to the lack of hair related nutrients in our body so we must know about the anti-hair fall foods and by the time we notice them it is too late. To avoid this, know 10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally. 


TOP 10 FOODS THAT PREVENT HAIR LOSS / 10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally


1.  Citrus fruit / Citrus fruits for hair loss:

citrus fruit Controls Hair Loss Naturally

Citrus or citrus fruits are very beneficial for your skin as well as hair. Eat fruits like oranges, grapes, lemons regularly, berries are considered best for special hair.



2. Green Vegetables and Beans / Vegetables for hair loss:

green vegetables to Control Hair Loss Naturally

Vegetables and legumes like hyacinth, spinach, cabbage, fenugreek, and lady’s finger are very beneficial for your hair. Fruits like amaranth pods, chunky pods can also return the beauty of hair.



3. Eggs and Coconuts / Egg for hair loss:

eggs to Control Hair Loss Naturally

The intake of eggs or applying eggs to the hair makes the hair strong and shiny. At the same time, coconut provides natural shine in hair as well as excellent conditioning. This will prove to be a boon for dry and lifeless hair.



4. All types of pulses / Millet for hair loss:

10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally

Do not eat only one type of pulses daily, but take all types of pulses such as arhar, moong, urad, lentils, soybean, etc. Keep in mind that arhar dal should be polished.




5. Wheat syrup:

10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally

If you add wheat to the pot, after a few days, Coplan will come out. After growing half to one fit, use them in food or drink their juice. It is particularly beneficial for hair shine, it is beneficial in other diseases.



6. Melon / Melon for hair loss:

10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally

Vitamin ‘C’ is found in plenty in watermelon which controls free radicals and improves tone and texture. Melons contain a lot of water which works wonders for your appearance. It creates glowing skin without pores. It is perfect for hair and eyes.



7. Amla / Amla for hair loss:

10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally

This is the most special for hair. By taking it regularly, the hair becomes black and thick. If you wish, you can also use it for hair massage by boiling it in the hair oil. The difference will be seen within a few days.



8. Seaweed / Seaweed for hair loss:

10 Effective Foods to Control Hair Loss Naturally

Algae is an aquatic plant that grows in the sea. There are many types of algae. Carbohydrates, inorganic substances, and vitamin ACDE in algae, Etc. are found in abundance, which is very useful for hair.



9. Sprouts / Sprouts for hair loss:

sprouts to Control Hair Loss Naturally

Sprouts contain an important nutrient called silica. This can help prevent hair loss. Silica also helps in absorbing vitamins and minerals. So unless you do not take silica in your diet, eating your vitamins will not help.

So you can get silica supplements from sprouts, cucumber, and red and green chilies.


10. Almond: 

almonds to Control Hair Loss NaturallyAlmonds, walnuts, etc. are nature’s boon for hair. They are rich in iron, copper, phosphorus, vitamin B-1, and protein. It increases hemoglobin in the body and develops new cells, which keeps hair healthy. Mixing 2-3 tablespoons of almond milk in almond oil and applying it on the scalp makes the hair roots strong and thick.






*Always consult a physician when you have a serious health issue*

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